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Sugar Ray has been sent to the AHL.... for conditioning... for two games. Looks like a few day's from now it's gonna be time for the "good kind of goaltending controversy" to start. I can see this being a fantastic year for the Senators with both these guys fighting for the top spot.

The Sens continue to roll putting a fifth notch in their belt, with win number five on Wednesday night. I keep hearing the same thing from most of the commentators - this team just seems to shut other teams down in their sleep, and then score goals for breakfast - I think it's brilliant hockey and the Sens are only impressing me more each game. Scoring from many more angles then they "looked like" they could last year I see them as THE TEAM to beat in the NHL. I mean they could actually pick up Forsberg when he feels like picking up his Three-Million dollars.

Sens -vs.- Pens

...wait for it....

In Russia! to start the season next year. Should be made pretty exciting with the snow and ice that they actually get there in winter. I don't see any ice problems for these guys. I'll stop now before I start complaining about the ice conditions in some of the current NHL cities.

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